Tucano Tour Pt 2 (times updated)

Photo: A 207 Sqn Tucano. Photo: Jim Winchester


A 207 Sqn Tucano. Photo: Jim Winchester

Note: Timings for this Tucano flypast have now changed. Take-off from Linton is now 1200 (local time) so add 90 minutes to the previously advertised timings at each location.

A second tour of RAF airfields and former Tucano bases will take place on Thursday, October 17. Four Tucanos will depart Linton-on-Ouse at 1030 local time, overflying Humberside Airport at 1049, RAF Scampton at 1054, the RAF College, Cranwell at 1102, Doncaster Airport at 1114, RAF Leeming at 1135, and return to Linton at 1145.

Altitudes will again be between 500 and 3,000 ft.

Note the timings vary slightly from NOTAM information posted elsewhere.

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