MOD Releases Most Memorable Images of 2019

Photo: HMS Queen Elizabeth continues her ‘Operational Testing’ with UK F-35B Lightning II fighter jets during ‘WESTLANT 19’. Operational Testing is designed to put the jets, ship and supporting units through their paces. The tests allow the equipment and crew to operate under realistic warfighting scenarios to ready them for their first operational deployment. From planning campaigns, briefing, preparing and arming the jets and pilots, to flying and sustaining them on their ‘mission,’ the trials ensure that the units can fight as one. While at sea, HMS Queen Elizabeth will be accompanied by other units of the Commander UK Carrier Strike Group (COMUKCSG) including a Type-45 destroyer, a Type-23 frigate and air assets from the Carrier Air Wing. This provides vital warfighting skills and training for each element to the Royal Navy’s potent carrier strike capabilities.


The Ministry of Defence has released a selection of its most memorable images of 2019 for the UK Armed Forces. Below are some of the best aviation photos as captured by MOD photographers last year. All photos Crown Copyright MoD 2019

A UK F-35B landing on the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth on 24 October during ‘the WESTLANT 19’ deployment. LPhot Kyle Heller


A Royal Marine from 4 Assault Squadron, HMS Albion, jumping (Helocasting) from a Merlin helicopter into the sea to link up with inflatable raiding craft during an amphibious landing exercise that took place at Kolga Bay, Estonia. HMS Albion and a P2000 patrol vessel are in the background. LPhot Paul Hall

An RAF Chinook, dropping ballast loads of sand in a bid to block a breach in the River Steeping, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire following flooding in June. Cpl Phil Major

A British Army Apache helicopter, sitting on the pan inside the Arctic Circle of Norway. Apaches of 656 Sqn, 4 Regiment Army Air Corps took part in Exercise Clockwork at Bardufoss in January and February alongside Wildcat battlefield reconnaissance helicopters of the Commando Helicopter Force. Cpl Ben Beale


An RAF Typhoon taking on fuel from a Voyager during a refuelling bracket on Exercise Cobra Warrior. German, Italian,United States and Israeli aircraft joined the RAF for the three-week high intensity large force tactical training exercise held in eastern England in August and September Cpl Lee Matthews 

On August 29, two UK F-35 Lightnings flew formation with two B-2 Spirit stealth bombers of the United States Air Force, as part of their deployment to RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK. USAF Exchange Pilot.


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